Carollyn Eden

I am a singer/songwriter, soprano/actress and pianist. I initially studied piano classically, going to the Guildhall school of Music aged 19. Already  singing since my early years, after leaving college I began a fascinating musical journey through many styles and for a long time left classical music. During this time I discovered songwriting, something which is now my natural expression of all I experience.


I was drawn to music from as early as I can remember and I cannot imagine life without this wonderful element. I  grew up in a family with a German mother who played , taught and listened only to classical music and a French  father who was involved with  writing pop songs. I started playing the piano by ear at the age of 3  and began lessons at aged 7 with my mother, but although she is a wonderful teacher  I soon went to another teacher.  I sang, played piano and flute,  and joined  many musical ensembles as well as singing in numerous choirs. After leaving school I become a cantor (solo singer) at Leeds Cathedral and also went weekly to the Royal Northern College of Music for piano lessons. At 18  I won the Harrogate Young Musician of the Festival as a pianist and later that year came to London to study piano at the Guildhall School of Music. 

London and new horizons

Although grateful to the Guildhall School for all I learned there, I found it hard being in an institution and after graduating I immersed myself in all sorts of styles of music, feeling the need to leave classical music behind completely for a while. I  went on a jazz singing course, studied musical theatre, listened to all sorts of popular music, including celtic folk music and celtic rock. I realised there was a whole world of music out there unknown to me! Thinking for a while musical theatre was my path, I studied singing with Mary Hammond and went to Richmond Drama School where I completed the one year diploma course.

Song writing

just after leaving drama school, encouraged by others around me I began to write songs for the first time. For the next four years after leaving college I devoted myself to song writing and took the stage name Astraea.  I enjoyed performed around London with my band at various venues including the 12 Bar Blues Club and the Putney Half Moon, who described my songs  as being  like "atmospheric film music" and during this time I also independently recorded 2 EPs. It was through songwriting that I met the wonderful composer and my husband to be Mark Glentworth.

Return to classical music and a converging of threads

Feeling a yet unfulfilled urge to explore my voice further I next decided it was time to train my voice classically. Studying with some wonderful teachers I discovered how physically demanding singing is and classical music took over my musical life once more. Now engaged to a composer I did the natural thing and asked asked him to write me an opera! He replied  that if I wrote the words he would write the music and so Blood Rose, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose was created in 2008 and performed at the Dulwich Festival. The following year I was persuaded to write an original story and libretto and sang in the first act of our second opera, “Ula” which was performed in 2009 at The Riverside Studios and received encouraging reviews. Since 2007 I have been performing in a diverse cross section of classical music from opera to recitals and experimental work including performances at the ICA and Brighton Festival with Matthew Stone and Alex Nikoporenko. Opera roles performed include Amor ( Orfeo and Euridice- Gluck), Daphne- ( The Ruined Maid- Barab) and the Dew Fairy- (Hansel and Gretel).

 In 2009 I sang with the group My Lady's Chamber, where I met the enthusiastic and now dear friend Hannah Lloyd who was the cellist in the group. In 2010 we founded the trio, the Nightingale Consort with lute player Oskar Werninge. . Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Renaissance and Baroque songs I very soon became inspired to once again write songs which I have continued to this day. I also became involved in other  projects such as a recording of Iranian songs and formed the Pnatasia Ensemble with concert pianist Haruko Seki taking British music to Japan and Japanese music to the U.K.

2016- Now song writing
once more the central focus in my life I am thrilled to be getting out there playing and singing my songs with the wonderful guitarist Stuart Clark in our new band Storm Deva!